Who Is I-IQ For?

I-IQ Supports You to Navigate All Aspects of Experience from Everyday Life to Professional Leadership

I-IQ supports individuals, business leaders and those in caregiving professions to engage life in ways that support health, success and fulfillment.


    • Personal Relationships: All of life is relational. Higher emotional intelligence enhances interpersonal skills, empathy, and an understanding of others’ emotions, leading to healthier, fulfilling and more connected relationships. The connection between happiness and emotional intelligence is undeniable.
    • Stress Management: Improved emotional intelligence creates a deepened capacity to manage emotions and stress resulting in a healthier life.
    • Conflict Resolution: Higher emotional intelligence empowers constructive conflict resolution, fostering more authentic and positive relationships.

Business Leaders and Managers:

  • Leadership Effectiveness: You must lead yourself before you can effectively lead others. Leaders with strong empathy and emotional intelligence inspire effective and productive teams. Such leaders skillfully minimize conflict while maintaining a positive work environment to maximizes employee output and retention.
  • Adaptability: Emotionally intelligent leaders navigate change effectively and adapt to challenging situations with clarity and agility. In a world changing at lightning speed, increased emotional agility is a critical skill.
  • Decision Making: Emotional intelligence is the skill that empowers rational decision-making. When caught in lower fear-based emotions, the brain simply cannot access its higher executive function.
  • Reduced Workplace Conflicts: Emotional intelligence can reduce conflicts among colleagues and contribute to a more harmonious work environment.

Caregiving Professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Therapists, Nurses, Teachers, Ministers etc):

  • Empathy and Understanding: Caregivers with high emotional intelligence empathize with the emotions and experiences of those for which they provide care. This skill empowers a more effective response to another’s needs fostering a deeper connection and trust between the caregiver and recipient.
  • Self Care: Those in care giving professions often find themselves depleted, burned out and even numb to the suffering they encounter. Stress, health issues, divorce, suicide and addiction are rampant in these professions because those who enter them are not taught how to engage empathetically while allowing emotion to pass through them. Without this skill, caregivers are harmed by the professions they love.
  • Increased Job Performance: Emotional intelligence creates a strong foundation to maximize the delivery of professional services. Communication is enhanced by the creation of a trusting environment and connected relationship which reduces misunderstandings, enhancing cooperation and increases overall job performance.
“The foundation of all life’s relationships begins with your relationship to you.” ~ Diane Breneman

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I-IQ provides a system of science-based tools to elevate all aspects of your inner intelligence.

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