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“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”
~ Joseph Campbell

Diane Breneman, LPC
I-IQ: Inner-Intelligence Quotient

I-IQ provides practical science-based tools to
unlock the wisdom of your emotional intelligence.
The result is a deepened personal and professional capacity,
in addition to a profound experience of the beauty of your humanity.

What is I-IQ

Your Inner-Intelligence Quotient determines your quality of life, in this and every moment.

Why the need for I-IQ

Why the need for I-IQ

In a rapidly changing world, new tools are required to manage daily life effectively.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

I-IQ has now been used to train individuals and corporate leadership teams on five continents.

What will I receive from I-IQ-Diane Breneman

What will you receive?

I-IQ skills provide you with the capacity to generate true inner strength.

Self Development, Meditation and Somatic Practices

Self Development, Meditation and Somatic Practices

Western meditation offers a watered-down version of what is possible with science-based traditional forms of meditation and body-centered practices to shift and choose emotional state.


Diane's coaching practice supports individuals and groups to acquire skills to empower their ability to address challenges such as stress and anxiety. These practices provide skills to lead both self and others.

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Diane’s counseling practice supports individuals to acquire skills to empower their ability to address challenges and thrive in an ever changing world.

Meet Diane...

During the last two decades, Diane has trained with a wide variety of renowned experts from around the globe.
Students and clients gain a more robust understanding of the science of life while opening to a deeper capacity to choose emotional experience and create true fulfillment.

Diane Breneman, LPC

Emotional intelligence training, the missing link in most self development and leadership training, is the foundation of I-IQ work.

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Self Awareness is Lacking

Nearly everyone (95%) thinks of themselves as self-aware, but only 15% of people actually are.

Harvard Business Review - Research by Tasha Eurich

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High Emotional Intelligence = Top Performance

90% of top performing people have high emotional intelligence.


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Empathy Is The Most Powerful Leadership Skill

Leaders with empathy perform over 40% higher in employee engagement, and studies now recognize empathy as the single most important professional skill.

Harvard Business School - DDI - Global Research Firm

Self awareness, emotional intelligence and empathy can all be increased through I-IQ training.

Diane utilizes her proprietary modality of I-IQ in a thriving counseling and coaching practice, teaches on line classes and provides executive training and leadership cultivation services.

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