What Will You Receive From I-IQ Development

In today’s rapidly changing world, I-IQ provides practical tools to empower you in effectively navigating the terrain of every moment.

I-IQ unleashes untapped areas of brilliance. Whether addressing heighten professional performance, deepened personal relationships, or the overall quality of your daily experience of life, I-IQ provides practical tools to thrive in the face of both life’s biggest challenges and smallest everyday experiences.

I-IQ skills provide you with the capacity to generate true inner strength. As a result, you will no longer be caught in the web of external circumstances. Instead, you clearly and confidently lead yourself and others through even the darkest times without avoiding, ignoring or turning away. No matter what situation you find yourself in personally or professionally, you create the capacity to engage life in each moment as a powerful, empathetic and fully alive human being.

Living the small moments fully is the recipe for a big life.”
~ Diane Breneman

I-IQ with Diane Breneman, LLP

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I-IQ Team Classes and Coaching

The full synergistic power possible for the group is sacrificed when true team training is absent.

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