What Is I-IQ?

Your Inner-Intelligence Quotient determines your quality of life in this and every moment.

I-IQ is devoted to unlocking the power of your emotional body-based intelligence. Emotional intelligence has long been acknowledged as the foundation that determines 80% of your personal and professional success.

Despite this fact, society and the various helping professions have primarily focused on thoughts and behavior without providing the tools to expand emotional intelligence. I-IQ provides these science-based tools.

Science now recognizes that thoughts and behavior are primarily controlled by emotional patterns in our unconscious. As a result, focusing on redirecting thoughts and behavior is much like taking aspirin for cancer. It likely won’t hurt you but it misses the mark and isn’t wildly effective.

I-IQ is centered on the profound understanding that true wisdom and fulfillment lie within the core of your being which is most powerfully harnessed when you create emotional choice.

From personal relationships to professional success, life is actually and inside job.”
~ Diane Breneman

I-IQ with Diane Breneman, LLP

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I-IQ provides a system of science-based tools to elevate all aspects of your inner intelligence.

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